Expectations in your sexual & romantic relationships…

We’re told that in order to be free, that in order to love freely and unconditionally, that leaving our expectations at the door is necessary in order for us to fully enjoy the experience. I do not disagree with this, however I think it can be healthy to have expectations in our sexual and romantic relationships. I believe it’s important to find practice that enhances your life, the life of those around you and enriches your relationships with the people in your life–your relatives, your friends, your lovers, your partners, acquaintances, co-workers, housemates and every single human being that crosses your path–those seen and unseen.

In my romantic and sexual relationships I’ve developed expectations that have completely transformed the type of people who are drawn to me, their actions toward me and most importantly how I feel and see myself in love, sex, desire and attraction. You should establish your expectations based on how you want to treat others around you. My expectations are as follows:

  • I expect to share in laughter with my lovers/partners
  • I expect for you to give me shit! They include:

El Amor…

Let me make love with my ideas and birth them into this world. If you would watch it would bring me joy–even if you would only be my witness. Let me submerge into this feeling. Into this feeling of unknowing. I used to be scared but each day I’m learning to trust that all will be well. When there is only love inside, that’s all that can emerge. And so I love and watch all of life around reflect that love back to me.

Things You Shouldn’t do High

I know that most people who get high alreay know this. But for those of you who don’t or for those who take something other than grassroots to get high here are a few tips I learned this week on my new path of being high everyday–including at work. (It’s entertaining¬† and I have to use it all before I move and there’s a lot. Plus I rarely take mind-altering substances.)

1. Don’t look in the mirror

2. Don’t dance salsa

3. Don’t wear white shoes they will distract you while you walk

4. Don’t drive

5. Don’t converse with anyone more than 45 seconds Continue reading


Money’s been really tight lately. With the move, helping my family pay for things, traveling for the holidays to be with fam, waiting for reimbursments from trips that never came and now I’m gonna kill them if I ever meet them, catching up on bills I’ve been ignoring, medical stuff I gotta take care of etc. Not complaining. I have everything that I need and I’m happy, albeit a little frustrated¬† it’s pushing my move date back. The reason why I mention the $ is because my favorite dancer in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD Kimberly Rivera has been in Chicago for the past few months. She’s based in New York City but her regular performing dance partner is based here so she is often back and forth. Chicago’s International Salsa Congress is taking place next week so she’s been working with their dance team and I’ve seen her around dancing every now and then over the past few months. So she finally decided to have a series of workshops this weekend, which happens to be my birthday weekend. Thing is, I didn’t have enough cash to pay for it and I’ve not been able to attend her weekly classes because I didn’t have any money either.

So I reached out to my friends and aquaintences for $10/person and they all chipped in! Two even gave me $20. It’s so important to me because small acts of kindness always touch my heart. Continue reading

Quickie Review “Where the Wild Things Are”

I’m aware this movie has been out for quite some time. It was my intention to go see it when it first came on the scene but I just can’t get over the price of a movie. I’ve been waiting for it to move on down to the dollar theater. I have to say this is one of the best films I’ve seen at a theater in a VERY long time. Please go see it, it’s fabulous. It looks like a kid movie, but honestly I don’t know that very small children under 8 will be able to appreciate it as much as older children and adults. I never felt like I was an adult enjoying a kids film while watching it–it was just a touching story I think that anyone who has fantasized about a different situation can relate to. And that’s a lot of people.