Prayer for: The 15th letter of the Alphabet

Now I lay me down to sleep, my hands trace my body the way you did the other night. I stay in anticipation because I don’t know when you’ll return. Always vigilant I try to keep my sins forgiven hoping that maybe, just maybe you’d encourage me to kiss you and then cum all over your dick. When I don’t turn on the news or buy into my Facebook feed then I remember all the righteous beauty; I remember all of your chocolate goodness, the roundness of your muscles and how all of them make me excited. When I don’t turn on the news or buy into my Facebook feed I don’t see all of ‘god’s children’ wreaking havoc. Continue reading


Con la Luna Llena y el Corazon Roto

“The intellect is a beautiful servant but a terrible master. Intellect is the power tool of our separateness. The intuitive, compassionate heart is the doorway to our unity.” ~ Ram Dass


A broken heart is a gift, through the cracks seep light and all that life has to offer. The discomfort is to remind us how alive we are–the descent from the stars can be an adventure if we choose to see it that way. Between those cracks lie the truth, we get what we need at the right time. What belongs to me will be mine when it’s time–when I move out of my own way, when I choose joy in the midst of anything. There’s light to be found in the gap where the spaces broke–that light will lead you to truth and lead you out or into a different situation. A broken heart is an open heart. An open heart is our path to nirvana. Continue reading

What I say and what I think

Vary greatly.

Yesterday I was biking back from the Bronx and I was waiting on the street near the curb for the light to change. A woman maybe a little older than me walks by me, I look at her.
“You’re haircut is nice,” she said.
“Thanks,” I smile. Show her my gap. She smiles back.
“You have teeth like me!” She had a cute gap, I didn’t say anything I just smiled at her.
“Our people are beautiful,” she said.
“Yea, I think so too.” And she made me feel good, when beautiful women compliment me it gives me butterflies.

But what I was actually thinking:

“You’re haircut is nice,” she said.
Damn I been saw you walkin down this hill you got a huge ass and some big ass titis, the way I feel right now I just kinda wanna eat you from behind.
“You have teeth like me!”
Fuckin fat as lips. I like weaves cuz I could pull that shit out. I’d probably fuck your weave too, I’m extremely horny right now, I don’t know what’s going on with me. What are you doing right now? Ugh, I wish I lived in my own SIMS world
“Our people are beautiful.”
You don’t even have to do anything you can just sit on my face if you want to, but I really, really want to strap on. I’m good with a strap, you should try me.


All that glitters

…shines into outer space and becomes a part of every piece of me and you. Colliding, our skin is star dust! Letting go of fear leaves you open to anything, anything. The impossible waits, the unlikely is just around the corner, and what you once believed was impossible will show up as serendipity.

In the meantime, go inside, go outside. And as the sun masquerades your face–keep your heart open. Dance like you don’t care, do it until it hurts, and look back at it–not because you’re trying to make a point. Just look back at it because it’s beautiful. Continue reading


Is without shame or guilt in pleasure. And sometimes without orgasm–sometimes it’s just laying naked touching your face, knees, nipples, fingertips. Kissing the tip of your nose and watching you be soft because the world demands that you be hard all the time. It’s allowing you Yin–without fear of me thinking any differently of you. Your power isn’t real power without surrender, without weakness or vulnerability. Surrender takes more strength than you can physically master–it’s the measure of a real warrior–as the ego plays Goliath to your heart.

What I care about is spirit. Not this temporary body that changes constantly and is bound by nature–but your spirit which guides and transcends–sometimes taking me more into me than I’d dare to venture. Continue reading

Just me and my bitch II

photo 2

Below are some of the most relevant, thought-provoking dialogues between my little sister Dani (ATL) and I. The second in an I’m sure endless series of SMS (also known as text) conversations, it’s sure to stimulate thought-provoking ideas and remind the reader of the insight, wisdom and unending love between sisters. To read part one click here.


Her: Ice Cube is such an alpha male
Me: That’s an understantement. Nigga sexy n he don’t age either
Her: He married the same bitch he mentioned in ‘it was a good day.’
Me: Word?!
Her: Yo she a real ass bitch! [referring to a trainer/nutritionist I’ve been learning from]
Me: She funny as hell be like ‘y the hell you ain’t eatin bacon?’ luv her
Her: East side nigga (one of her many lovers) told that there’s me and then everybody else. That’s not ok
Me: Look u need to learn how to take a real ass compliment as a lover even it if’s from a crazy ass nigga
Her: We was face timing. I awww/cheesed and told him that my two fingers was him n gave t a big kiss then licked it. Then he said there’s something wrong with me Continue reading